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The Dudinszky Tervezőiroda Ltd. was established in 2008. In the early days our principal activity was building construction design and the related expert scope of duties. Our experiences in building construction design respectively our already completed projects made our company nationally acclaimed. It turned out fairly early that, besides the tasks as constructor, our customers (resp. the market) are in need of a wider and broader type of service. This has inspired us to expand our services with the construction planning of middle- and major construction projects. Of course, our colleagues posses advanced knowledge in the field of construction planning, so our company does not rely on any outside assistance.

In 2018, we have leveled up with another change in the life of our company: we have increased the number of our staff members to 20 people and widened our areas of expertise with the creation of approval plans, general planning and project management.

We are able to undertake planning and project management services from moderate apartment houses, through hotels and sport facilities to high-profile investment-projects. The positive feedback of our costumers and their continuously placed ordes serve as the best reference.


Orsolya DUDINSZKY Chief Excutive Manager

Péter DUDINSZKY Strategic manager
e-mail: d.peter@dudinszky.hu

Zsófia ZÁBRÁDI Office manager
e-mail: z.zsofia@dudinszky.hu

Roland FÜZI Chief general planning manager
e-mail: f.roland@dudinszky.hu

Zoltán KONCZ Chief rendering manager
e-mail: k.zoltan@dudinszky.hu

Our adress

Váci út 182.

1138 Budapest


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