Fire protection


Fire protection is one of the basic requirements of a safe design, but the safety measures protecting our lives often present architectural and constructional challenges.

As architects, we pay particular attention to the fire protection plan, as it should adapt to the fullest extent possible to the architectural concept of the building, preserving its original character.

During the planning process we are proposing specific solutions in addition to the safety level requirement to make the work of the architects and the co-designers more effective..

We design the systems used for fire sealing in accordance with the fire protection and building construction aspects. As a result, we create fast, perfectly coordinated plans, up to the level of a detailed design.

Our team is strongly commited to the inspection of fires spreading in the facade, resp. during the planning process we use engineering methods or simulation tools to solve issues that cannot or cannot optimally be handled with prescriptive methods.

Concept design preliminary design:

Clarification of the main fire protection objectives in accordance with the intended purpose of the building

Coordinating the conceptual principles affecting the layout of the building

Exploring the options of the fire protection systems affecting the essential charcteristics of the building

Approval plan phase:

Preparing the building to the first regulatory approval

Defining the most fundamental charcteristics of the building in terms of fire protection

Defining the necessary active and passive fire protection systems

Conducting the consultations necessary to have the permit granted

Preparation of the fire protection documentation portraying the fire sections, evacuation routes and relevant interventional measures

Creating a detailed technical specification on authorisation level

Submission of an official permit

Construction plan phase:

Finalising the fire protection parameters of the building

Developing the necessary passive fire protection systems

Coordination with specialist planners of the affected areas by fire protection

Reviewing and harmonizing system designs

Preparation of fire protection plans providing detailed feasibility

Completion of detailed designs of the more complex fire pritection systems

Creation of construction level technical specification

Conducting the necessary consultations with the authorities before the start of the construction

Preparation of the protocols of official consultations

Obtaining the neccesery official permits from the authorities

As-built plans:

On-site assesment of the implemented systems securing escape and intervention

Creating implemented fire protection plans based on surveys and data provided by the client